Thank you for your Mockup request

Steps to complete a mockup request:
  1. Complete the form below entirely. If you don't have all the info, come back and submit it when you do. All required fields are marked with asterisks.
  2. Add the end user information so the mockup is connected to the correct account information.
  3. Please be patient. It will take a minimum of two business days for the designer to create your unique design on your oven. Everything is custom and therefore takes time to create.
  4. The contact person will get the finished draft for approval. You must respond with approval by email or alterations in order to move forward with production.
  5. Once the final design is approved, the ticket will be closed in our system and the final mock will be attached to the project and sent to production. 
The mockup is a computer-generated image designed to provide the conceptual look of the oven based on the customization specifications provided. While we attempt to provide an accurate depiction of the oven’s appearance, there may be some variation in actual results based on the oven model, logo reproduction, tile natural variation, and other factors. Also, any customization beyond standard colors and tile types will be associated with an additional cost. 

Mockup Request Form



Examples of the black matte and stainless steel façade and stand.

Stainless steel is an upgrade and the black matte is standard.

Logo Files:


Logos need to have large thick lines without too much detail to be reproduced in tile. Not all logos are able to be designed in tile. 

Our graphic designer will advice you if your logo will work for your design and may offer alternatives or adjust the design to accommodate the restraints of tiling.